Champion of the Inter School Football Competition


Congratulations to our Grade B Football Team! Our Grade B Football Team won the Champion in the Inter School Football Competition 2017-2018 (HKSSF Tai Po & North District).


Our principal, Miss Ho, teachers and schoolmates showed their passion and support in the final match on 10th March 2018. We are grateful to thank for all your tremendous support. We would like to share the glory with everyone in Valtorta College.


The team members are

Chan Kin Wang, Brian                  F.4B (Captain)

Yuen Ka Pui                                   F.4A (Vice-captain)

Chui Kwok Yin                               F.2C

Chan Chung Kit                             F.3A

Lau Tak Wai, Andison                   F.3A

Kwok Hoi Kin                                 F.3B

Tsin Yu Hin                                     F.3B

Yu Job Hin Lam                             F.3B

Chan Chi Kin                                  F.3C

Ching Lun Cheung, Ronnie          F.3C

Fong King Kiu                                F.3C

Chan Lon Chun                              F.3D

Kung Ka Chun                                F.3D

Yung Yat Hei                                   F.3D

Chan Wing Lam                              F.4B

Chan Sik Ming                                 F.4C

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