Air Pollution Monitoring Project

A group of Science Students ranging from F.3 to F.6 participated in the Project
"Community EXPLORE: From Science to Action" organized by the Division of Environment and Sustainability of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. After training, students stated to measure the air pollutants including ozone,nitrogen dioxide and black carbon to ppb level in Tai Po for a few months. It is quite challenging for our students to operate the very sophisticated apparatus installed in our school with the help of Professor Arthur P S LAU and his colleagues. Our students not only learn the methodology (Science) and the techniques of operating the apparatus (Technology and Engineering), but also publish and compare the results with other districts (Mathematics). This is one of our STEM projects. Two groups of students have made presentations of their results in the Science Museum in July 2018 and our school hall in November 2018 respectively. 
We would like to thank Professor Lau and his colleagues for their valuable support.


Click here to view the video of one of the presentations

Click here for the PowerPoint of our presentations