English Society

Members of the English Society are officials of a committee that helps to promote the English learning atmosphere at school. They work as student helpers in games days for lower from students and in large scale functions like the Drama Contest. They also play an active role in organizing activities for the English Week.

Chinese Society


Chinese Society - Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Society - Drama Club

Mathematics Society

The Mathematics Society organizes different interesting and mathematics related activities for all students.Through these activities,we hope that students may appreciate the fun and beauty of mathematics,have a better understanding of the applicability of their mathematics knowledge in different aspects,enjoy learning new types of mathematics and develop their intuitive thinking skills.

Science Society

Our society organizes a wide range of activities so as to promote student’s interests in scientific investigation and knowledge of modern technology. To name but a few, we got leaf-vein bookmarkworkshop, snowflake making workshop and a visit to Tech-Universelast year. Students in our society are both encouraged and given the chance to carry out experiments they are interested in their own. Impressed? Just don’t hesitate and join us in the coming school year.

Geography Society

Geography Society is a way for students to widen their horizon on geographical issues. Through activities such as games, discussions, visits, trips and contests, students will nurture their interest in the nature. This is also a good opportunity for participants work with peer groups to acquire more geographical knowledge in daily experience.

Putonghua Club


Current Affairs Club

‘Hong Kong students---the best in Asia in 2010!’ So runs the headline on the front page of a local newspaper. What is the issue under the spotlight? What……? Why……? How…..? If you can use the above task words to help you explore the issue, you are an active learner. Are you an active learner? Do you agree……? Whether or not…..? To what extent……? If you can use the above task words to help you think about the issue, you are an active thinker. Are you an active thinker? Join us to become active learners and thinkers of current affairs!

  • 「看﹗我和你們天天在一起。」(瑪28:20)
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