The Life-wide Experiential Learning Day aims at providing learning opportunities for students to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values outside the classroom. On the Life-wide Experiential Learning Day, various activities are offered to suit the needs of students.

In the recent Life-wide Experiential Learning Day held in October, class-based activities were offered in F.1-2 students to promote class spirit. Besides, students got to know themselves in workshops organized by external organization. Messages on anti-drug and healthy lifestyles were also delivered to students.

F.3 students spent a half day at Tai Kwun to learn about her history and heritage. F.4 students participated in an adventure-based training camp at Salvation Army Centre at Wan Chai. Each F.4 class worked collaboratively to solve problems and finish challenging tasks. Students experienced the core values of team work and peer support.

F.5 students had the opportunity to visit under-privileged citizens in the community, including low-income residents and disabled persons. During the visits, students knew more about their needs and difficulties in living. After the visits, students came back to school to present their experiences and gain in the form of performing art. F.6 students joined the Mock Release of HKDSE results at the school hall. Through the activities, students reflected on their goals for HKDSE.

The Life-wide Experiential Learning Day was a success. Students enjoyed the Day as they were able to learn in a relaxing atmosphere. They really treasure the hands-on experiences and the sense of team spirit the event provided.

  • 「看﹗我和你們天天在一起。」(瑪28:20)
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