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2019-12-20 (Friday)
Category : Student Association

On the 20th of December 2019, we successfully held the Inter-house Singing Contest Final. The Final was not a purely contest; it was also a celebration of Christmas. Contestants performed in front of over 200 students in the school hall which brimmed with mirth, enjoyment and awe.  The contestants enjoyed showing off their singing talents and the audience demonstrated their appreciation with rapturous applause for each singer.

This year, we had the good fortune of inviting Mr. Law Kai Chung, a professional singer who used to study at Valtorta College, to be a guest of the singing contest.  In addition, students also had the chance to listen to Mr. Law Kai Chung’s live singing in the hall (his performance really stole the show).  The singing contest was a fantastic success due to the efforts of all those who worked on making it a reality.  Great job, everyone!

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