Speak Out Act Up! competition

2022-09-08 (Thursday)
Category : School Activity
Valtortans ARE WINNERS once more in the 2021-2022 Speak Out Act Up! competition organized by the EDB NET Section

Valtorta College has become somewhat of a permanent fixture in the groups of winning teams in the Speak Out Act Up! competition, shifting around the podium each year and collecting trophies and prizes along the way. With a second-place result in 2021 to combine with the third-place result in 2022, students will undoubtedly be looking to seize 1st place in 2023 to complete the trifecta of having won a spot on each space of the podium in three consecutive years.  The school is of course, 101% behind the talented individuals here at 5 Pui Yin Lane, and we all confidently look forward to the good news that is certain to come!

From left to right: F3 Lee Lok Him; F3 Leung Kieran Tze Hin; Mr Alexander Blaine Hoggard; Principal Ho Miu Chun, Michelle; F4 Feng Lai Yin Laura; F4 Wu Pandy Pui Ching, 3F3 Luk Man Chi.

In absentia: F4 Sham Lok Ping


If you are interested in viewing the performance, you can do so by following the link below. 

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