The 44th Executive Committee of the Student Association



We are Skylar, which means eternal life, love and beauty and strength in the Bible. Based on the above, as ‘eternal life’ our cabinet aims to bring eternal life to our students' future by providing a comfortable and manageable learning environment. We also love our students as they are our brothers and sisters, we will provide the most help we can give to support them and also help the school. We enhance this opportunity to guide our students to strive for excellence with the environment and welfare we bring, and believe in God's beauty as we speak. We also provide the strength of our bonds between the students and the school. We are willingly accepting the responsibility of this matter. Striving to provide suitable aims that collide between students themselves. Skylars’ helping hand will never be put down. All our intentions shall be aimed towards the students and school’s well-being.



To become the bridge between the students and the school

We will be collecting student’s opinions and reflecting on them from both the student’s and the school’s perspective. After a thorough analysis, we will suggest some ideas and policies to the school to improve our students’ school life.

We aim to change the main policies of the school which was set with flaws, striving our best to fight for opportunity on different welfare and changes. Communication is imperative to forming a healthy relationship between anyone, and we aim to become that communication link between students and teachers and to create a win-win situation for every party involved.

To create a better school life to our students

We want to provide a better learning environment and atmosphere for our students by striving for more welfare both inside and outside of the school. Also, with logical reward-and-punishment systems which can promote student’s development.

Having a better learning environment helps students feel more satisfied in their school life and performance. Also, we will hold a variety of activities in order to help students develop different abilities like problem solving skills, communication skills and leadership skills. We also want to provide more opportunities for our students to showcase their talents and explore their potential through the activities we will hold.


Our promise

We promise to make a difference, and try our best to provide useful welfare and diversified activities to Valtorta’s students.


1. “S” stands for Striving. All our cabinet members strive for providing essential welfare and activities for VC students. With our union, we could make a VC student's school life better.

2. “K” stands for knowledgeable. All our cabinet members are typically well-informed and experienced in matters related to student affairs, such as organizing events, advocating for student rights, and providing resources and support to their fellow students.

3. “Y” stands for young-blood -All our cabinet members are typically composed of young people who are full of passion, creativity, and drive to make a difference in the school's environment. We can often bring new ideas and perspectives to the table, making them a dynamic and innovative force.

4. “L” stands for linking. Our cabinet links our school’s relationship with the students, providing a suitable communication platform between the school and students.

5. “A” stands for Affectionate. We are friendly to VC students, even if we are not familiar with them. We are also passionate about providing essential welfare and activities for VC students.

6. “R” stands for Responsibility. We are responsible for providing essential welfare and diversified activities for VC students. We are also responsible for what we would or had made.



“SKYLAR, reaching for stars.
   SKYLAR, taking dreams afar.”


List of committee members



Class and names



F5 Leung Pak Ling


External vice-chairperson

F5 Lai Chun Hei


Internal vice-chairperson

F5 Lau Wing Ping



F5 Chan Lok Yung


F5 Ho Kin Pong



F5 Wei Hong Yin


F5 Leung Kieran Tze Hin


Recreation officers

F5 Cheng Ka Ho


F5 Chan Pak Hei


Welfare officers

F5 Lo Zimen


F4 Yeung Kai Ning Summer 


Publicity officers

F5 Chan Sheung Lam


Academic Officer

F4 Cheung Yan Yu


F4 Lo Wing Kiu


General affairs

F5 Hong Ho Ling 


F4 Lau Chin Ying


Teacher advisors: Mr. Ho Sai Cheong, Ms Chu Kin Yu, Mr. Hoggard Alexander Blaine, Ms Poon Hoi Man and Ms Tsui Lok Yiu Stella

  • The lazy man hopes but his desires are in vain, whereas hard workers have their desires fulfilled. (Proverbs 13:4)
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