Executive Committee

The 41th Executive Committee of the Student Association


We are Nexus. It means connection, a series of two or more things together, a connected group and a central point. We choose Nexus as our name because of the following reasons.


Be a connecting bridge

First, we hope that we can connect students and teachers as a central point. We would like to be the nexus of the school by replying to students' demands and considering the school’s concerns simultaneously.


Second, we would like to connect students by listening to Valtortans' voices. The first

alphabet of our name Nexus (N), can be divided by V. N is made by one positively V and one inversely V. The first V represents " Valtortans’”and the second V represents "Voices". Apart from the letter U, E, X and S can also be formed by V. This shows that Valtortans are important to us. For the letter U, this shows that we also are concerned about what teachers (you) think about. We also want to let our fellow students know that we always serve them as our first priority ( U=you ). We clearly understand that we have to listen before we act. We are going to listen to every

opinion to connect them as a net as we know all the opinions are closely related. All of them benefit Valtortans.


Third, we would like to connect both students to the society. We always serve our

"Valtortans" even though the demands of students are not related to the school. In the past few years, we heard lots of our fellow schoolmates looking for different kinds of discounts and welfare in the society. To satisfy their wants, we are aiming to connect students to the society. Next, we would like to connect students closely as a family by providing several proposed activities. We hope our proposed activities can bound up students’ relationships and make them understand the attitude of " work hard, play hard" through actions. This academic year (2020-2021) matches towards our school's 45th anniversary, we would like to hold a vast event which will be explained in the following pages for all our students to enjoy, so that we can bring

everyone a good memory.


Solve problems readily

All of us are enthusiastic to serve our fellow students and we work as a team to serve our fellow students. The name Nexus is also chosen by us through voting. There would always be a problem but we are always ready to face any difficulties and provide a better environment for

students to study and have fun at the same time.


Lastly, we are willing to accept challenges. Being the nexus of the school is not easy but we want to be a model of students by proactive participation in handling problems. We would like to show our passion to motivate our fellow students to become more active.


To conclude, the word Nexus meets our goals for being a Students Association cabinet. Therefore, we name ourselves, one of the Students Association Proposed Cabinet in the coming academic year (2020-2021), Nexus.

A Students Association Cabinet has to be well-organized and be strict with the

regulations. Apart from “The Constitution of The Students Association of Valtorta College“, we also set some principles for ourselves to help us keep our distinctive performance..


N —> Nonstop

E —> Efficiency

X —> Multiply

U —> Unique

S —> Supportive


List of committee members




Mak Tin Yan 5D   

Internal Vice-Chairperson

Wong Sze Wun 5D

External Vice-Chairperson

So Cheuk Ngai 5D


Wong Wai Ching 5C

Fok Samuel 5D


Mok Tsam Yu, Chole 5C

Yeung Wing Laam 5C

Shak Hin Yee 5D

Recreation Officer

Ho Chun Yin 5A

Wong Man Hin 5C

Tsui Tsz Ching 5D

Welfare Officer

Law Ka Wai 4B

Cheung Chun Ho 4C

Chung Chi Hang 5D

Publicity Officer

Chan Chun Hei 5C

Hung Siu Ki 5D

Pang Ning 5D

General Affairs Officers

Ho Ching Yi 5A

Wong Tsz Yin 5A

Li Chun Hei, Angus 5B



Teacher advisors: Mr. Lam Ka Chun, Ms Chu Kin Yu, Mr. Hoggard Alexander Blaine and Ms Poon Hoi Man

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