Students Achievements

Student of the Year 2021-222022-07-23
Congratulations! Our student Chan Chun Hei has been selected as a shortlisted candidate of the Student of the Year - Sportsperson.
73rd Hong Kong Schools English Speech Festival2022-06-15
Students got satisfactory results in the English Speech Festival.
38th Catholic Diocesan Secondary Schools Mathematics Competition2022-06-11
On 11th June 2022, some of our students had joined the 38th Catholic Diocesan Secondary Schools Mathematics Competition organized by the Mathematics Education Committee of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Schools Council. Out of 24 participating schools, our School’s team got the 4th Runner up.
Macao Greater Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad (Hong Kong Region)2022-06-07
On 12th December 2021, some of our students had joined the Guangdong- Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad (Hong Kong Region) organized by Olympiad Champion Education Centre.
Harvard Book Prize 20222022-05-27
The Harvard Club of Hong Kong Education Fund awards book prizes annually to three students who are excellent in scholarship, character, achievements or contribution to the community. This year, F5 Chu Chi Chung, F5 Wang Manchen and F5 Yeung Wing Ching were awarded.
本校香港女童軍97 NT Coy 小隊參加了「認識大埔」活動,爲大家介紹大埔的十個景點:鐵路博物館、富善街文武廟、大埔運頭角舊大埔警署(綠匯學苑)、海濱公園回歸塔、元洲仔龍舟展覽場地、船灣淡水湖主壩、林村許願樹、林村嘉道理農場、科學園高錕會議中心(金蛋)、還有一個神秘地點。
Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad 2021-2022 (Hong Kong Region)2021-10-10
On 10th October 2021, some of our students had joined the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad, TIMO Heat Round 2021-2022 (Hong Kong Region) organized by Thailand Mathematics Society and Olympiad Champion Education Group.
中國中學生作文大賽(2020-2021) 初中組旭日文學之星2021-10-02
Tang Poetry Drawing Competition 20212021-05-05
Tang Poetry Drawing Competition 2021 (力行劇社「智演唐詩」「詩中有畫比賽」) Organized by The Bestreben Drama Association Limited
Poster Design Competition 20202021-05-05
Poster Design Competition 2020『細看多元社區.共建和諧香港』香港中學生海報設計比賽2020 Organized by Youth Travel
“Live Free, Die Well”Drawing Competition on End-of-Life Care2021-05-05
“Live Free, Die Well”Drawing Competition on End-of-Life Care (「安心來‧安心去」全港繪畫比賽) Organized by Jockey Club End-of-Life Community Care Project and The Chinese University of Hong Kong
English Drama Competition Stories on Stage2021-03-26
Valtorta College beat 29 teams to get 1st place in the English Drama Competition Stories on Stage
Speak Up – Act Out! English Drama Competition2021-03-25
Valtorta College wins 2nd place in the Speak Up – Act Out! English Drama Competition
WSSA Fuzhou Sport Stacking Open2019-10-26
Our student LUI WING YIU got excellent performance in WSSA Fuzhou Sport Stacking Open. Congratulations!
2019-2020 Inter-School Swimming Championships2019-10-17
Our Students got very good performance in Inter-School Swimming Championships(HKSSF Tai Po & North District).
2019 Commendation Ceremony of the Carlton Trophy Competition2019-09-24
The 2019 Commendation Ceremony of the Carlton Trophy Competition was held on 12th July 2019. The officiating guest of the ceremony was Mr. Lam Chiu Ying, Chairman of the Youth Activities Committee, SBS. Congratulations to the 11th Tai Po South for being awarded the champion of the Pioneer Project.
Future Artists Shine in the Wharf Art Competition2019-09-10
Congratulations to our two talent students who won the Merit Award in “The Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition 2018-19 (九龍倉全港中學生繪畫比賽)”! This competition was organized by The Wharf Real Estate Investment Company Limited. The top 18 winners will be invited to join an arts and cultural exchange tour. Their brilliant works will be exhibited in a roving exhibition at Harbour City, Plaza Holywood, Times Square and the Goethe-Institut Hongkong from May to July.
Fun Science Competition 20192019-09-03
Congratulations to our Science Club members! F.4 Lin Hoi Pan and F.4 Ng Kin Wai was awarded with 2nd runner-up and $500 award in “Fun Science Competition 2019 –TEN to ONE” organized by the Hong Kong Science Museum and Hong Kong Association for Science & Mathematics Education.
Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest 20192019-08-07
Tsin Yu Hin of F.5 participated in Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest 2019 Final organized by The Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Union. He awarded Senior Secondary Bronze Honor.
2018-2019 Inter-School Basketball Competition2019-06-13
Congratulations to our Junior Grade Basketball Team! Our Junior Grade Basketball Team won the 2nd runner-up in the Inter School Basketball Competition 2018-2019 (HKSSF Tai Po & North District).
English Drama Competition - Speak Out - Act Up! by the EDB NET Section2019-06-04
Congratulations are in order for a group of Form 1 students who participated in the annual Speak Out – Act Up! competition organized by the NET section of the Hong Kong Education Bureau. The girls were able to secure 2nd Prize (Team Prize) in the Speak Out – Act Up! Improvised Drama Competition 2018/19 on the 5th of March, 2019. Showcasing her acting ability, Chow Meng Ci, Natalie, was also able to win the award for best actress. Mr Alexander Blaine Hoggard, their coach, was pleased with their performance and is confident that they will continue to show what Valtortans are made of in the coming year.
Carlton Trophy Competition 20192019-05-09
In March and April, ten scouts from Valtorta College participated in the Carlton Trophy Competition, the highest level skill competition in the Scout Section in Hong Kong Scouting. Carlton Trophy Competition is held once every three years and demands highest standard of scoutcraft, teamwork, leadership as well as endurance and time management skill. We are pleased to share with you that our team has won the overall first runner-up and championship in backwoods cooking.
Economics - Innovative Business in HKSTP: Exploring the AI Industry with CUHK Business School2019-04-26
Congratulations to our Economics students who won the Certificate of Excellence in the Start-up Simulation Game. This activity is organized by the CUHK Business School and the Education Bureau (EDB), HKSAR Government.
Valtorta Bridge Team represented Hong Kong to take part in the APBF Championship2019-04-15
Valtorta Bridge Team got the champion of the Asia Pacific Bridge Federation (APBF) Youngster Team (age under 21) Hong Kong Trials (香港選拔賽) in February 2019. As the winners of this competition, Valtorta Bridge Team represented Hong Kong to take part in the 23rd APBF Championship which was held in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2019. They got the first place after the first round-robin tournament and finally got the fifth among 7 countries including China, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan. It was a great honour for our outstanding students to participate in the international competition.
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