F6 Go Go Goal!

2022-09-08 (Thursday)
Category : School Activity
To motivate F.6 students to attain high and boost their morale in preparation for the HKDSE 2023, Principal Ho hosted a special programme session “F.6 Go Go Goal!” for all F.6 students on 8th September 2022.
On this heartening occasion, Principal Ho shared tips on time management, diligence and perseverance. Vice Principals Mr. Mok and Mr.Ho shared learning tips and school supporting programs. Miss Wan shared information on University and Miss Yuen shared ways to release pressure. At last, Miss Ho sent every F.6 student her best wishes and a key chain “VC Buddy”, hoping that they will make it a precious study companion on their way to the HKDSE 2023. The programme ended in laughter and a spirit of unity.
  • Lord, you have been our dwelling-place in all generations. (Psalms 90:1)
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