F2 Project Learning Sharing and Prize Giving

2022-11-15 (Tuesday)
Category : School Activity
In 2021-2022, all the F2 students formed into groups to design products to cater the needs of different people.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Champion-C1 The another eye
Kong Ching Ching
Lui Vaness 
Yip Ho Sum 
Wong Wai Sin 
Choi Yu Hin 
Tsang Ho Ching
Teacher advisor: Miss YUEN Ka Po


First runner-up-D1 Mickey Club
Tam Lok To 
Chow Mira 
Hung Faan Lam 
Li Sum Ying Sunny 
So Ching Tung 
Tsang Cheuk Yin 
Teacher advisor:  Mr Yau Yap Chung


Second runner-up-C5 App for the Elderly
Lau Chin Ying 
Chan Hiu Lam Hillary 
Manley Sinead Wai Sin 
Ng Ching Yan 
Tang Hoi Shung 
Tsui Hiu Lam
Teacher advisor: Mr Chung Shing Tak


  • 凡你們對我這些最小兄弟中的一個所做的,就是對我所做的。 (瑪25:40)
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