Social Service Group in Caritas Bazaar 2022

2022-11-20 (Sunday)
Category : School Activity
All members of the Social Service Group participated in this year’s Caritas Charity Bazaar held on Sunday, 20th November, 2022 with the theme “Give Them a Ray of Hope”.

The Caritas Bazaar is an annual event, which aims at raising funds to help the poor and the distressed by offering relief and rehabilitation services. We sold accessories, books, clothes, housewares and handmade items donated by stakeholders in Tai Po Community to raise fund for people in need. Besides, we designed an interesting workshop for visitors to share happiness with them. Thanks to all members’ efforts and supports of our stakeholders in school.

  • 凡你們對我這些最小兄弟中的一個所做的,就是對我所做的。 (瑪25:40)
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